Privacy Policy

Dear readers, friends, loved ones, and new visitors,

As my business grows, I’m always looking for new ways to support that growth, while keeping your privacy concerns my first priority. I aim to handle your information as respectively as possible.

As of February 5th, 2019, I have a shop on my publishing website, an email newsletter, and I also use affiliate links. I have a separate website for my author brand.


When you purchase something through my online shop, I will save the shipping information that you share with me (including your mailing address and email address). Because my shop uses PayPal for checkout, I do not store any of your billing information, other than the address that you provide. I will never share any of this information with anyone.


When you join my email list, I will send you regular newsletters telling you about my latest release and current promotions, and I will also share early cover reveals, excerpts, and other goodies with you. You may unsubscribe at any time, fully removing your information.

Reader Group

Occasionally I post polls and questions in my reader group. I like to keep a spreadsheet of the answers my readers give me, so that I can write better books for you (or even include better swag with future releases). For example, I might note what kind of tea you like, and send it to you the next time you purchase a signed paperback. If you don’t want me to keep track of these things, you can contact me at any time and I’ll remove your information from my spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet is securely stored on my business computer (not in a cloud or anything like that).

Reader Group Rules

By joining my reader group, you are agreeing to follow the group rules.

  1. To be approved to join, you must answer all of the screener questions. Failure to respond will result in denial of your request.
  2. Please post about yourself, anything related to Elizabeth Barone books, what you’re reading, fun memes and games—just keep it on topic. Promotional content is prohibited unless previously cleared with an admin.
  3. Be kind and courteous. Any abusive content or comments will be deleted, and the poster may be blocked, both at the discretion of administration.

Blog Comments

Any abusive content or comments will be deleted, and the poster may be blocked, both at my discretion.

Social Media

Any abusive comments on Elizabeth Barone social media channels will be deleted, and the offender may be blocked, at my discretion.

Maietta Ink Store

As the sole proprietor, I reserve the right to refuse sale to any individual for any reason.

Affiliate Links

Some of the links I use on my website are Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo affiliate links, meaning if you make a purchase through one of those links, I will receive a small portion of the sale (with no additional charge to you). I do not collect any information through these links. However, the affiliate store tracks how many times my links were clicked on and whether the item was purchased. They also know that the sale came from my website.

How secure is your data?

My email list is securely stored with Mailchimp. I use WooCommerce for my shop, and any information collected is stored in a secure database. The spreadsheet with reader poll results is stored on my password-protected hard drive, and does not contain any sensitive information such as birthdays or addresses. In the event of a data breach, I will notify users as soon as reasonably practical.

If you have any questions or wish to have your information removed from my databases, please email me directly at