A TOUCH OF GOLD Cover Reveal

I’m so excited to show you the cover for A Touch of Gold! A few months ago, I signed a four-book deal with Kobo Originals. The team at Kobo is passionate about books, and working with them has been a dream come true. I know that’s cliche, but truly—it’s been everything I hoped it’d be, and more. I’m now able to focus more on writing (and healing, but that’s another blog post), and I already see so much growth in my craft!

I’m the type of writer who is never short on ideas, just energy, so having the team at Kobo handle all the details while I do my thing… utterly glorious. They cooked up this cover with Ukrainian designers MIBLART, incorporating flowers with illustration, and using the colors from Goldie’s tattoo shop in the book! I love the way the gold lettering pops against the rich purples and greens. Check it out!

A Touch of Gold
Stagwood Falls: Love In Ink Series, Book 1

Everything Goldie touches turns to gold, so when the building that’s been in her family for generations is in trouble, her family calls on her to help save it. Moving back to her hometown and back in with her family comes with definite perks—like no more rent—and emotional baggage in the form of Goldie’s high school crush turned hottie David. When she sees him again, all those old feelings come rushing back—and are quickly dampened when she finds out he wants to tear down her building to build a “better” Main Street.

For as long as David can remember, Stagwood Falls has been a small-town summer vacation hotspot. It’s the kind of town that will charm the socks off of anyone who decides to drive through no matter the season, and it’s his job to make sure Stagwood Falls stands out on the map all year around. All he needs to do is convince the townspeople to get on board, even if it means making some sacrifices. When Goldie returns to Stagwood Falls, David is immediately drawn to her just as he was back in high school. This time around, he’ll do whatever it takes to get her attention. What David doesn’t expect is for Goldie to be so opposed to his new revitalization strategy that she’s hellbent on throwing a massive wrench in his plan.

Available May 30th


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The River Reapers MC Series is Now Available at Target and Walmart!

Did I die and go to heaven? The River Reapers MC series is now available at Target and Walmart!

You could say the River Reapers are taking over. This series is opening more doors for me than I ever dreamed!

Buy the River Reapers MC series at Target
A Disturbing Prospect | A Fatal Prospect

Buy the River Reapers MC series at Walmart
A Disturbing Prospect | A Risky Prospect | Her Mercy


You can also get The Stairs Between Us at Walmart!

I don’t know when they’ll be adding my other titles. Hopefully soon! 🤞🏼

(Looking for the series reading order? Click here!)

Quite a few people asked me how this happened and, the short answer is, I don’t exactly know, but I set myself up for success.

The long answer is, a few years ago, I stopped using CreateSpace (now KDP Select) to print and distribute paperbacks, and switched to IngramSpark. I was trying to get my books into Barnes & Noble and other book stores, and one of the managers at my local BN told me I needed to get my books into the Ingram catalog, because most stores order exclusively through Ingram. That’s everyone from small indie booksellers to big box stores.

(Shoutout to Robin M. for not only giving me this crucial tip, but also supporting me over the years and having me at the store! I can’t wait to come back.)

I’ve been in the Ingram catalog for quite a while now, but neither Target nor Walmart have ever carried my paperbacks before. (For a little while, when Walmart and Kobo were partnered, you could read my ebook editions through their app. Their partnership seems to have ended, though I’m not sure why.)

My theory is that someone on their merchandising teams saw my books in the Ingram catalog and ordered them. This whole thing started with Target carrying A Fatal Prospect, so I’m wondering if these big box stores are positioning themselves to cater to the growing dark romance community. Dark romance is exploding, in case you haven’t noticed.

However it happened, it’s really cool, and definitely an author achievement I’ve unlocked.

Thank you so much to all my readers for all your support over the years, and thank you to all the stores, big and small, who are supporting indie authors!


It’s finally A Fatal Prospect cover reveal day!

I wanted this cover to have an “us against the world, we’re going to war” feel, since everything is about to be turned upside down for Cliff and Olivia. I’ve been working with cover designer Natasha Snow for a few years now, and one of my favorite things about working with her is how I can give her a general idea and she runs with it.

See what I mean? 😍😍😍

Our enemies of past and present are uniting to put us in our graves. Not even death would destroy our love, but death isn’t the only thing that’s fatal…


I’ve finally got Olivia, but she can’t give me the two things I want most: three words so I know I’m not in this alone, and a family so I can redeem all the horrible things I’ve done. My past is still chasing me, and the only way I can let it go is if I stop running and face it. I can’t allow the monster in my blood to take over, but it’s rising to the surface and I can’t fight it much longer.


After all I’ve been through, I’m never giving away my heart, even if my heart has other plans. War strikes before Cliff and I get a chance to figure it out. When a teen football player is unspeakably violated, only my club can avenge him. A rival motorcycle club from the past is also looking for revenge, just as I realize my true feelings for Cliff.

When someone betrays us, we’ll pay the ultimate price, in both blood and love…

A FATAL PROSPECT is the third book in the River Reapers MC series, a dark romance with a body count. Some content may be disturbing to some readers.


A Fatal Prospect releases April 28th! Pre-order your copy now!

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Catch Up on the River Reapers MC Series

A Disturbing Prospect
River Reapers MC, Book 1

Our violent pasts brought us together. One night entwined us forever. We’re not falling in love, we’re just hanging onto each other while everything falls apart.

Read now for only $0.99!

Universal Link: https://books2read.com/adisturbingprospect

A Risky Prospect
River Reapers MC, Book 2

If we can’t keep each other from the dark, we’ll have to be each other’s light, even if our revenge blackens everything we love.

Read now!

Universal Link: https://books2read.com/ariskyprospect

Her Mercy
River Reapers MC, Spinoff Novella

The last time Bree ran away, she put Mercy in prison. Now he’s got to find her and convince her they belong together so they can both be free.

Read now for FREE!

Download: https://BookHip.com/MRDJJFQ

Pre-Order A FATAL PROSPECT, Book 3 in the River Reapers MC Series

Earlier this summer I announced I won’t be publishing anything in 2020, so that I can spend the next few months “writing ahead.” I don’t want another flareup of my UCTD derailing my career, ever again. If that means purposely slowing things down even further, even if only temporarily, so be it.

After much thought, I’ve finally set a release date for A Fatal Prospect. I know a lot of you are really looking forward to this book. I know you wanted it to escape into during all of the madness that has been this year. I really wish I could give you this book right now. Publishing doesn’t work that way, though, especially not with a chronic illness.

There are many moving parts that you as a reader will likely never see: booking cover designs, editing, ARCs, promotion companies, advertising . . . The list goes on! It isn’t just me and my UCTD that I have to work around. I work with many other professionals, all of whom have other clients and their own lives to schedule around. When all was said and done, the date I chose is the very soonest I could comfortably schedule a release date, especially factoring in that shit happens and, when shit inevitably will happen, I’ll still be able to release this book on time without penalty.

(Yes, penalty—if I were to miss my release date, I could lose my Amazon pre-order privileges for a year!)

That date is . . .

Drum roll, please . . .

A Fatal Prospect
River Reapers MC, Book 3
Available March 29th, 2021

(Blurb and cover reveal coming soon)

🖤🏍💀 Pre-Order Now 💀🏍🖤

A Fatal Prospect and its spinoff novella will be worth your wait, I promise!

River Reapers MC Series Reading Order + Extras

Recently I told my reader group that there will be a lot more books in the River Reapers MC series! I’m still miles away from getting back to my regular work routine, but I wanted to put together a reading order list for those of you who’ve asked, or those of you who might’ve missed something. After all, until recently life has been wicked fast paced, so it’s hard to stay on top of everything.

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Altogether, there will be four full-length novels in the main series, with six spinoff novellas.

A Disturbing Prospect (River Reapers MC Series, Book 1), a Dark Biker Romance by Elizabeth Barone

A Disturbing Prospect—The first book in the series, and the beginning of Olivia and Cliff’s epic, darkly delicious love story. Available in Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback editions. Signed paperbacks also available!

Read Chapter 1 »

A Risky Prospect (River Reapers MC Series, Book 2), a Dark Biker Romance by Elizabeth Barone

A Risky Prospect—The second book in the series, and the continuation of Olivia and Cliff’s story. Available in Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback editions. Signed paperbacks also available!

Read Chapter 1 »

Deleted Scene: “Spill It . . . on Her?”

Bonus Scene: “I Watch Her Take Her Power Back”

Alternate Scene: “Better Than Her Hating Herself”

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

“Birthday”—A short story that takes place toward the end of A Risky Prospect. Read it for FREE! NSFW.

Her Mercy (River Reapers MC Spinoff Novella), a Dark Biker Romance by Elizabeth Barone

Her Mercy—Mercy and Bree’s spinoff novella that can be read as a standalone. It takes place partially during A Risky Prospect, and also serves as a prequel to the series. Read it for FREE when you join the River Reapers MC email list! Signed paperbacks also available.

Read Chapter 1 »

A Fatal Prospect (River Reapers MC Series, Book 3), a Dark Biker Romance by Elizabeth Barone

A Fatal Prospect—The third book in the series, and the continuation of Olivia and Cliff’s story. Read now!

Read Chapter 1 »

Burning for Stixx (Stixx/Lucy spinoff novella)—This is a standalone and is publishing in 2022.

A Lasting Prospect (Series Finale)—The fourth and final novel in the series and the HEA for Olivia and Cliff’s story. Coming 2022.

But that’s hardly the end. You’re also getting some other novellas…

Binge Read the Series in Kindle Unlimited

And don’t forget to grab the FREE Her Mercy novella!


When I sat down to write A Disturbing Prospect and then A Risky Prospect, I had no idea how much Olivia and Cliff’s story would resonate with readers. See, I wrote these books for me; there were some demons I wanted to slay, and writing has always been my therapy, my catharsis. I’ve long wanted to write a biker romance, and many of my favorite stories involve vigilantes: The Crow, Watchmen, Kick-Ass, The Punisher… Those dark stories about everyday people using what they’ve got to get justice have always spoken to me.

In A Disturbing Prospect, I wrote for justice for someone else, for the Lucys in my life. In A Risky Prospect, I wrote for justice for myself.

I am a sexual assault survivor. Two different “boyfriends”—I hate to call them that, because they didn’t treat me like boyfriends should—hurt me, and it almost killed me. I spent the last few years unpacking all of the damage, struggling through PTSD and flashbacks, clawing my way through to the other side. Part of that involved writing my story. I took those two boyfriends, merged them into one character, and let the words flow.

I knew when writing A Disturbing Prospect (Book 1) that Olivia had some trauma to unpack in A Risky Prospect (Book 2). I wanted her arc to shine, so I brought in designer Natasha Snow, and suggested we feature Olivia on the cover.

I never imagined just how badass this cover turned out.

Brash social worker Olivia has been through her own personal hell and come out the other side, tattered but determined to make things better in her corrupt town—no matter the cost. Her roommate’s current situation is the perfect place to start.

When ex-con Cliff’s wild ol’ lady Olivia comes to him and the River Reapers for help, he’s on board. His vigilante motorcycle club can get the job done, and it’ll help convince Olivia to take the next step in their relationship.

But when Olivia’s traumatic past walks through the club’s doors, there’s no stopping her from doing whatever it takes to settle her own score. Even if it means crossing a line that Cliff might not be able to pull her back from.

Read Chapter 1 | Pre-Order

I’m so excited to share this book with you. I can’t wait ’til it’s in your hands! A Risky Prospect releases March 18th. Pre-order your copy now!